Safety Policy

Putting Safety First

Injury and Illness Prevention Program
Ciarra Construction is committed to implementing and maintaining an injury and illness Prevention Program in order to provide a safe and healthful environment for our employees and community. We are committed to ensuring that work is conducted in a way which is not harmful to the health or safety of our employees, visitors and/or other people lawfully on the premises.

Our safety goals are to prevent accidents and reduce the number of personal injuries and occupational illnesses. We strive to continue to comply with and surpass all safety and health standards as required under Title 8, CCR 3203.

Safety is a cooperative undertaking requiring participation by everyone. Our management is responsible for, and takes pride in, ensuring that all safety and health policies and procedures are clearly communicated and understood by all employees. We have bilingual employees to help assist in communication barriers and distribute company information in English and Spanish. Field employees have weekly tailgate meetings and Foremen & Managers hold bi-weekly meetings to discuss and promote jobsite safety. Ciarra Construction Foremen and Management are certified in both first aid and CPR. Ciarra Managers and Foremen strive to enforce the rules fairly and uniformly. Employees who follow safe and healthful work practices will be recognized. All employees are responsible for using safe work practices, following all directives, policies & procedures and for assisting in maintaining a safe work environment.

For further information regarding the Injury and Illness Prevention Program of Ciarra Construction, please contact our HR Manager, Lein Clark,