Listen to what clients are saying about Ciarra Construction

"George is a great communicator, has great ideas..... and his team is very professional (and are like family now) I highly recommend Ciarra Construction and George Taddie. "
Sue Foltz
"George Taddie and his team completed an extensive remodel on our home is Los Gatos two years ago and was a pleasure to work with. George is very thorough and communicates throughout the project. He has a very good eye for detail and finish work. I would recommend George to anyone looking for a good trustworthy contractor."
Jim Grabot
Home Owner
"I give the strongest possible recommendation for Ciarra Construction and George Taddie, who handled our significant home remodeling project. We added about 300 sq ft to our home and completely changed the interior layout by removing walls and relocating our kitchen. George, at Ciarra Construction, did a great job in helping us plan the project and the final results came in on-budget and exceeded our expectations. Ciarra Construction is very easy to work with and completely earned our trust. We have also brought George, at Ciarra Construction, back to handle several smaller jobs in the past year or so."
Home Owner
"Simply stated, Ciarra Construction is an asset to any team requiring wood framing."
Ken Rowell, President
"I am writing this letter to thank you for the excellent framing job Allan Rodriguez and your framing crew completed at the Clayton Valley Shopping Center Pad 7 building. Allan showed great leadership in maintaining a tight schedule. Ciarra Construction passed all the inspections the first time and maintained a high level of quality given the short period of time to complete the project. Your crew, and specifically Allan Rodriguez’ performance, was a great asset to our company’s commitment to provide excellent service and quality work."
Andy Salazar, Superintendent
"I have used Ciarra Construction on numerous projects and they have always proven to be professional, efficient and reliable."
Michael V. Butner, Superintendent
"Ciarra Construction performed a difficult and complicated seismic retrofit for us in San Francisco. They furnished a bright foreman. They worked dilligently, executed well, completed everything on schedule and as promised, and were flexible enough to make changes in the field when required."
Richard Martin, Senior Project Manager
Garden City Construction
"High quality! Done on schedule! Subcontractors were efficient and on time. Oversight by Walt Oxley was excellent. No cost overruns. I was home during the whole time and saw everyday the quality of workmanship. The work was never delayed or interrupted unnecessarily. I would recommend Ciarra Construction without a doubt! Thanks again for such a good job!"
Brian Johnson
Home Owner
"I just want to thank Ciarra Construction for the great job you did at Phi Sigma House. It was a pleasure working with your foreman Mike Holm's, Keith, Adrian, Enok and all your other crew members. Thanks for putting in all those long days. You were able to complete all your work including many change orders in a timely matter so that we could stay on schedule, plus your work looks great. Once again thank you Russ Rowell & Nate Primrose. Hope to see you on the next one."
Ray Michelson, Project Superintendent
Bay Area Builders, Inc.